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Summer Fitness Tips

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The weather is nice the sun is staying out later and it’s the time of the year people plan for summer and for holiday season. From experience, I’ve seen when people want to get in shape for summer, they always start too late and stop their chances of getting in good shape.

So, being the month of July, now is the good time to start, whether it is for the beach, or just to get in better shape these tips will keep you on the right track.

Goal setting

Fitness is the same as everything, you have to have something to aim to or it wont happen.  That’s why people are set targets in jobs, because if you can have something to aim for, its more likely you will achieve it.

So, what are good goals to set? A goal of trying to lose 12 pounds in 2 months sounds like a good goal.  But using scale weight isn’t usually the answer, because if you simply drink 2 litres of water a day (the amount you should be close to) and where previous just drink a glass or two. That itself can lead to weight gain, as can bloating when eating certain foods.  Plus, it doesn’t matter what you weigh, no one judges your beach body, or body in everyday life by what you weight, so try and get out of that mindset.


So, a better way to measure success and set yourself goals, is still to focus on changing your body so you could use measurements, or photos to compare before and after measurements.  More importantly, the key is to focus you goals on things which you can change, so for example aim to have protein in every meal. Protein is great for recovery and studies show a high protein diet is beneficially to aid weight loss and muscle development. Another example is to aim to go to the gym 3 days a week, if you are doing that, obviously you will be seeing big changes in your body, which with a good diet should aid weight loss or whatever your goal may be.


Tying into the goal settings, accountability is huge too. There’s a few ways to make sure you are accountability, and that will keep you on the right track. A good way is to get someone to help you to know what your doing is working, there’s nothing more dishearting then going to the gym, and hitting hard. Only for no results to come. So, hiring a personal trainer, or attend classes where you can be helped, to make sure your working hard and hard at the right things.

Another method is to just tell everyone what you want to do.  With the use of social media, its easy to tell the world, you are on a plan to drop 2 inches off your waist in 2 months, and will do this by attending the gym 3 times a week. If anyone sees you slacking ,tell them to let you know!

Stick to the basics

Are you thinking that a fancy detox, new diet or that herbal drink is going to get you in good shape? Well it isn’t.

The key to getting in good shape and looking your best is and always had been to get your diet sorted, and doing some sort of training.

First on diet, the easiest way to do this is to write down everything you eat everyday for a week.

Say your notice a pattern that you’re having a pack of crisps everyday with your sandwich for your lunch. Start each week, one day a week replacing the crisps which a snack that will benefit your body and your fitness goals, so something like a yoghurt or fruit.  If you do this for 6 weeks eventually you will have found you have replaced the crisps, and it’s a more realistic approach then just going cold turkey and ditching them altogether. Which usually leads to a crisp fuelled binge, where you’d eat more crisp’s than you do in a month.

Little things like this, changing your eating patterns will have a far better long-term effect and is a more realistic approach to eating better. Plus if, sticking with the example, you are ditching them crisps in a month you might be eating a 1000 less bad calories, which will have a huge impact in the short term.

Taking the positives

The biggest thing you need to succeed in life and in the training world is a positive attitude.  There will be bad days where you are offered a chocolate bar and take it, or you skip a training session to go out with friends.  DO NOT worry. As long as you are making positive changes to your training and nutrition, and moving forward with your body, don’t sweat the little things. Training is a marathon not a sprint, just focus on reinforcing good nutritional and training habits for long-term success.


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