Wednesday, August 5

New garden plan for unused corner of Stamford Park

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A NEW community garden is planned to breathe new life into an unused corner of one of Tameside’s favourite parks.

The garden will replace the 1980s conservatory, which has been closed for over four years after safety concerns were raised following a structural survey.

Tameside Council Executive Cabinet decided it would not be economical viable to replace the conservatory – which could cost up to £500,000 as well as additional, ongoing maintenance costs. Neither was it felt to be appropriate to leave the conservatory to decay further, which could detract from the high standards of the flagship park.

The new garden will be developed on the same footprint as the conservatory and include formal benches, paths and pergolas created from the original ironwork.

The conservatory was one of the more under used areas of the park, was sometimes subjected to vandalism and had significant running and maintenance costs.

Tameside Council Executive Member responsible for Operations & Greenspace Cllr Allison Gwynne said:  “We’re very proud of Stamford Park – it has so much to offer and proves very popular with visitors from both within and outside the borough. The new garden will bring this unused corner of the park back into public use for all visitors to enjoy.

“We can’t leave the conservatory to rot further but neither is it economically viable to rebuild it and maintain it for the future. While the conservatory used to be enjoyed by a small number of visitors, it was never among the park’s most popular


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