Friday, May 29

Care home/nursing home residents in Tameside and Glossop get Red Bags

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A new initiative has been launched in Tameside and Glossop to help ensure care home/nursing home residents receive safe and effective support when they need to go to hospital in an emergency

People who reside in a care home/nursing home will be provided with a red bag when they need to be admitted to hospital. The red bag will stay with a resident throughout their hospital stay to discharge back to the care home setting.

The red bag is designed to hold a resident’s vital information relevant to their care, such as, their health conditions, personal details and belongings, supplies of regular medicines and a change of clothes.  Having this information will mean that ambulance and hospital staff can determine the treatment a resident needs more effectively.

The red bags should help speed up the transfer between home and hospital and cut the time residents have to spend in hospital.  It could also save nursing staff time otherwise spent on chasing documents, personal items and toiletries.

The Tameside and Glossop Red Bag Scheme is part of a national drive to improve communication, safety and the person’s experience as they transfer across care settings.

Tameside Council’s leader, Councillor Brenda Warrington said,

“This is an innovative initiative that will not only benefit the lives of those in a care home setting upon admittance to hospital but to those of their loved ones, and hospital staff too.

“Family and friends who are unable to be with their loved one at the time of admission to hospital can now be reassured that hospital staff will have all the vital information they need about their relative and hospital staff will be in a better position to understand the health needs of the patient.”


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