Thursday, October 1

About Us

Many years ago while sat at my PC one evening, I noticed that there was yet another argument brewing in one of the local Facebook groups. The ringleader was an absolute cockwomble called Roy (im sure youve come across him) He was throwing his weight about abusing everyone an anyone about every topic he could, and people were pleading for admins to do something about him and restore some kind of calm, which they didn’t.  I initially got on my high horse and joined in the madness before finally realising that not only can you not reason with stupid people, but that he was actually enjoying the atention. Admins had completely lost control and were ignoring their members so, I decided to act and invited everyone to join a new group…The Tameside Hangout was born!

Along with some fantastic admins, I have managed The Tameside Hangout Facebook page closely, working hard to ensure people feel comfortable discussing any topic they like, whilst protecting people from abuse. We have kept the site clear of repetitive business posts and never allowed any buying or selling to keep the posts informative and interesting. Of course, there have been times when I got things wrong and got drawn into silly arguments, as Im sure you will remember, (i’m only human) but on the whole I have tried to allow everyone to voice their opinions, no matter how stupid, and have open honest, adult discussions in the group. Seven years later we have around 27’000 people in our group and were gaining around 1000 new members a month which is absolutely fantastic.

I really believe that we have built a very special community that trusts and looks out for eachother, and The Hangout is somewhere that people come for local news, information and to make new friends. We have also raised around £6000 so far for local charities and helped dozens of local people that have asked for help from our members. When people are looking for a local business, Its our recommendations that are trusted and  never allow a member to be ripped off by tradesmen recommended in our group.

So whats next? Well as you can see, weve created a shiny new website bringing together all the best bits from our Facebook community and for the first time allowing buisnesses to promote their services via the site. We have a fantastic sponsor in Fraser St James estate agents and we have lots plans for the future. The website is living and breathing and will evolve constantly. We really hope you enjoy it and want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us set it up and every single member of the Hangout for giving me and my family this opportunity to build a little business…

Love Sean and Katie xx